Maverick Las Vegas Strip Night Flight Tour



With the Maverick Strip Helicopter Tour, customers can hop on a chopper to get a ride of their lives while viewing the fabulous view of the world-renowned Las Vegas Strip for 12-15 minutes. While taking a thrilling flight, they can capture some of the area’s magnificent landmarks using their cameras or phones.

Dubbed as the Entertainment Capital of the World, Las Vegas takes pride in the majestic structures designed to entertain. As a world-renowned resort city, it showcases casinos, shopping malls, exclusive restaurants, five-star hotels, entertainment centers, and unparalleled nightlife. This city fulfills anyone’s cravings for the good life, from high-class entertainment to delectable meals.

In the heart of the city lies the famous Las Vegas Strip, which houses impressive sights and landmarks lit by neon lights designed to delight everyone. Here, you can find towering buildings and attractions like the Sphinx at MGM Resorts, the fountains at Bellagio Las Vegas, the “volcano” at the Mirage. You can also see the “Fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada” signpost, the Luxor Hotel & Casino, The Park, Public art at City Center, and a lot more.

But while most companies offer guided tours, there are others who allow you to fully enjoy the view of the city with an added twist, an adventure of a lifetime. Apart from the usual sightseeing tours offered by most travel agencies, you can now choose adrenaline-pumping options that will satisfy your craving for adventure. Here are two of them:

• Las Vegas Strip Helicopter Tour
Your Las Vegas experience will never be complete without taking photos and videos of its famous landmarks. But if you want to capture the beauty of the city, you may need to book a helicopter ride. Maverick Tours offers a 12-15-minute ride on one of its choppers. The company’s Las Vegas Strip Helicopter Tour will give you a unique and thrilling view of the city as it will introduce you to mind-blowing sights that you can only access when you ride the “Limousine of the Sky.”

• Heart-Pounding Helicopter Adventure
If taking photos is not enough and if you want to satisfy your need for adventure, you may want to engage in an adrenaline-pumping helicopter ride with real guns. Riding a helicopter with loaded guns on top of Las Vegas, sounds impossible, right? But with Machine Guns Vegas, you can fire these guns to your heart’s delight while watching the tantalizing views of Las Vegas from the sky, just like what you have seen in the movies. Don’t worry; experienced professionals will properly guide you.

Now you can fly above the Las Vegas skyline with specialized guns like Glock, MP5, and Uzi, which are often issued to the elite Navy Seals. These guns are from the personal collection of the company. This means that these firearms are properly maintained for your safety and the people of the city. The company also employs competent range safety officers who will oversee your every shot. So, you can be sure that no one will get harmed if you want to send a hailstorm of bullets as long as they aim at your target.

Apart from firing top-notch guns to your heart’s content, the helicopter will also treat you to a trip of five-star luxury. It will bring you back to your hotel room to cap off a heart-pounding but exciting day. Touring the Entertainment Capital of the World on land is not enough. After all, you might have seen or traveled to the city many times. To complete your rare opportunity to witness Las Vegas, try two of types of helicopter adventures mentioned above.

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