Foodie Tour: The Savors of the Strip Dinner



Go on an exciting culinary adventure for a few hours and discover the best tasting cuisine Las Vegas has to offer. With the Lip Snacking Foodie Tour, you’ll have the chance to visit the four most-raved about restaurants around the Las Vegas Strip and be treated as a VIP.

Celebrating anniversaries are made special with couples pulling a romantic gesture for each other. Flowers and gifts are just tokens but preparing for the date actually counts. In case you’re running out of ideas where to take your partner for a date, check out Lip Smacking Foodie Tours and indulge in the finest cuisine at four multi-awarded restaurants in Las Vegas. Ditch the normal lunch or dinner and book a private tour to experience a unique dining setup complete with a glass of champagne on a 15-minute helicopter flight.

There’s so much to know about Las Vegas, outside of flashing casinos. The lifestyle and luxury hotels are just the tip of the icebergs as food is another area to discover. When you availed the Savory Bites & Neon Lights package, you get a tour around the best restaurants in Las Vegas through the help of a well-trained agent. He or she will give trivia and fun facts about a certain establishment and the food they serve. It’s a whole new experience because instead of indulging in a few set of meals, you get to tour around the restaurant and even meet with the chef.

Here’s the truth: you’re in one of the world’s expensive city, so why not get on with the experience even just for a night? This tour will take you to a different taste of luxury, with a private vehicle transporting you to different locations. You and your partner will be escorted in a custom limo going to the Maverick helicopter, for a 15-minute flight overlooking the city. While enjoying the view, you get to taste a glass of champagne to top off the night.

In addition, every time you dine in at a restaurant, there’s already a table waiting for you, so there’s no need to wait. Everything will be served right away, complete with fantastic beverages if you will get the Savors of The Strip Beverage package.

Impress your partner with mouth-watering food choices in four of Las Vegas’ highly-rated restaurants. There’s all sorts of meals to try, be it seafood, Italian, American, Japanese and other special sets. Desserts are also served to complete every meal.

In case you have dietary restrictions, the service provider can relay the information to partner-restaurants to make necessary adjustments. This way, you not only enjoy the food but also feel relaxed and be free of allergy attacks.

The best thing about this package is the fair pricing. For only $299 per person, you can already experience luxury at its finest. No hidden and added fees will be charged on you. However, there are add-ons that are not part of the package, including the free four beverage for additional of $60 and Exotics racing with food for $299 per person.

Overall, the Lip Smacking Foodie Tours are perfect for a romantic date, family gathering and night out with friends. The package can be tailored according to your requests, especially if you want a private tour. What are you waiting for? Book for the service today and create memorable memories with your loved ones.

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