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Machine gun helicopters offer a great view of the Las Vegas sand dunes and Desert Mountains, all the while giving guests a chance to fire military-grade firearms. With the door gunner package, customers are given access to the M249 light machine gun while hovering over a designated aerial gun range.

Las Vegas is home to numerous establishments and activities that offers the most lavish experience. From casinos and hotels to various entertainment spots, the city can satisfy even the most indulgent individual. If you have been to this glamorous place and you think you have experienced everything it has to offer, think again. Machine gun helicopter may be the best thing about Vegas you have not tried yet.

Nothing spells luxury than being able to ride a helicopter just for the heck of it. During this ride, you have a bird’s eye view of the desert landscape and mountains that resides in Las Vegas. If you are lucky, you may even catch a glimpse of the picturesque bodies of water such as the Colorado River and Lake Mead from afar. What’s more extravagant about this rise is you get to try your hand in firing weapons. This is truly a cathartic experience, especially if you have not fired a firearm before. On the other hand, individuals who are used to firing weapons on-land will find being a chopper gunner a refreshing experience.

Anyone who has played Call of Duty knows how challenging yet exciting it is to shoot machine guns from a chopper. If this part of the game franchise tickled your fancy, then you may want to try it in real life. What better way to experience this than in a dedicated aerial gun range? This way, you can freely shoot a firearm in a safe yet, exhilarating manner. To do, you best choice is to avail the door gunner package. This offer gives you the opportunity to fire a real-life M249 squad automatic weapon, all while aboard a moving helicopter! This is guaranteed to quench your thirst for thrilling adventures, while also satisfying your enthusiasm for Call of Duty for four straight hours!

If you are concerned that this activity is dangerous, then worry not because providers of tis service handle safety with utmost priority. The first safety measure they take is to only allow door gunner activities within their own range. This minimizes possibilities of accidents, while also ensuring that you will be flying over a vast land area, which allows landings much easier and safer. Moreover, every flight are supervised by experienced and expert helicopter range masters.

As for their customers, these facilities also have guidelines to guarantee their safety. Before you can join, you must show proof of age as they only allow individuals 18 years old and above to join. However, teens with 15 to 17 years of age can go on-board only if they are accompanied by a guardian. These facilities also have dress codes to ensure that participants are wearing the right clothes for the activity. Before you are allowed to go on-board, you will undergo a briefing and flight simulator to give you a taste of what the attraction has to offer.

Your Vegas experience can never be complete without trying out everything the city has to offer. So, why not indulge yourself and give machine gun helicopters a try? After all, not everybody has the chance to try this one-in-a-lifetime experience.

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